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Obama 2012 campaign playlist revealed courtesy of Spotify

Depending on your taste in music and tolerance for others’ tastes, President Barack Obama’s latest social media move – sharing his 2012 campaign playlist via streaming music website Spotify – might be a case of over-sharing: Ricky Martin, REO Speedwagon and James Taylor all made the cut.

Written by Bob Brown10 Feb. 12 06:27

Motorola, Woot 'fess up to reselling uncleared Xoom tablets

Motorola Mobility is warning people who bought but then returned <a href="">Android</a>-based Motorola Xoom tablets between March and October last year that the devices might have been resold by bargain-of-the-day website Woot with the ex-owners' sensitive data still on them.

Written by Bob Brown04 Feb. 12 07:35

9 "university researcher approved" tips for awesome Tweeting

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgia Tech have issued a list of 9 tips for better tweeting based on a study of <a href="">Twitter</a> usefulness (see "<a href="">Most tweets are useless, Twitter users sa</a>y").

Written by Bob Brown02 Feb. 12 04:36

Most tweets are garbage: Twitter users

Twitter has been celebrated for its ubiquity and impact on world events from natural disaster recovery to political uprisings. But researchers from a group of big time universities have found that useful tweets are few and far between.

Written by Bob Brown02 Feb. 12 03:30

Google previews new privacy policy

Preview of Google's much discussed Privacy Policy changes. Click <a href="">here</a> for the most updated version from Google.

Written by Bob Brown01 Feb. 12 05:36

The skinniest, thinnest, most emaciated products of CES 2012

Sitting here in Framingham, Massachusetts, I'm 4500km miles away from CES 2012 in Las Vegas, but even from this vantage point I can see that one of the biggest themes of this year's event is simply: Thin is in.

Written by Bob Brown11 Jan. 12 06:33

Anti-SOPA crew woos gaming giant Electronic Arts

A new <a href="">petition on</a>, whose previous petitions have brought about policy reversals at Bank of America and Verizon regarding proposed new fees, is urging gaming powerhouse Electronic Arts to oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Written by Bob Brown11 Jan. 12 02:28

Microsoft Research delves into economics

You might think Microsoft’s research centers would be all about software, security, mobile technology and the like, but the company’s <a href="">New England research group highlights in its year-end wrap-up</a> the work it has done in areas such as economics, biology and maybe less surprisingly, social media.

Written by Bob Brown04 Jan. 12 01:24

Harvard researchers underwhelmed by peer influence on Facebook

Most people make friends with others online who have common interests, but it's rare for people's interests to rub off on others, according to new research out of Harvard University based on an examination of four years’ worth of Facebook data.

Written by Bob Brown21 Dec. 11 03:24

Android users embrace Facebook, Google apps

Google must be pleased to know that Android users aged 18-44 tend to keep their apps all in the family – the Google family, that is.

Written by Bob Brown15 Dec. 11 05:27