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Biggest tech industry layoffs of 2012

Research in Motion, reeling as its BlackBerry takes a beating from the Apple iPhone and assorted Android smartphones, is expected to lay off anywhere from 2000 to 6000 employees to cut costs and turn around its financial fortunes. While the exact number of layoffs from RIM's 16,000-plus staff remains to be confirmed, the restructured company appears headed for a high rank on this year's list of tech industry layoffs.

Written by Bob Brown30 May 12 20:25

AT&T Watson vs. Apple Siri: Talkin' about a smackdown?

AT&T Labs says its Watson speech recognition technologies have been around for more than 20 years, and come this June, it will put APIs and SDKs in the hands of developers who want to give users a way to interact with smartphones, TVs and other devices using their voices.

Written by Bob Brown21 April 12 01:32

Our future cyberdefenders set to face off

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) later this month will host the three-day National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition for the seventh consecutive year.

Written by Bob Brown10 April 12 02:49

April Fools: Google fills HUGE gap with 8-bit Google Map

Google kicked off its usual April Fools’ Day barrage of gags early with a least a temporary option to turn Google Maps into 8-bit images remindful of those from Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games.

Written by Bob Brown01 April 12 22:31

Threat of a bullet in the face keeping cybercrooks cautious

Scott Borg, director of a cybersecurity research institute, kicked off the SecureWorld Expo Boston with an uplifting talk about the end of the cybersecurity world as we know it. Sure, more sophisticated threats are on the way, but those in cybersecurity also have new opportunities to defend threats and even enable economic growth.

Written by Bob Brown30 March 12 06:36

eBay CISO receiving security industry lifetime achievement award

Dave Cullinane, chief information security officer at eBay, will be honored on March 28 in Boston with the SecureWorld Lifetime Achievement Award "for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of the information security community."

Written by Bob Brown23 March 12 06:46

MIT Sloan seeking innovative CIOs, startups for May symposium

The <a href="">MIT Sloan CIO Symposium</a> is seeking nominations for its annual CIO innovations award as well as applications from startups that would like to grab some face time with CIOs at the annual event.

Written by Bob Brown23 Feb. 12 02:23