Stories by Bob Brown

Artificial intelligence becoming fantasy football reality

University of Southampton researchers are fine-tuning an artificial intelligence system they say will give them a leg up in the English Fantasy Football League when the Premier League soccer season kicks off in August.

Written by Bob Brown16 July 12 17:51

Comic-Con 2012: 8 reasons you wish you were there

As if enjoying San Diego's pleasant summer weather wouldn't be great enough, here are 10 more reasons why some 140,000 people are expected to attend the annual Comic-Con 2012 confab for comic book, graphic novel, anime, video game, action figure and TV/movie enthusiasts that kicks off Wednesday night. This is one of those events whose fans are so passionate about it that it gets away with running through the weekend.

Written by Bob Brown11 July 12 19:38

iPhone 5 to put Galaxy S III to shame, Foxconn CEO says

Samsung might seem like its own worst enemy with this week's choppy US rollout of the hot new Android-powered Galaxy S III smartphone, but the top executive at iPhone maker Foxconn in China holds that title for now.

Written by Bob Brown21 June 12 20:34

Sonus snaps up longtime network vendor NET for $1.35 a share

Sonus Networks Tuesday announced it is buying Network Equipment Technologies, a nearly 30-year-old firm whose product focus over the years has spanned from T-1 multiplexers to SIP trunking and unified communications.

Written by Bob Brown19 June 12 17:23

Yammer buyout could fit with many Microsoft businesses

Microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy enterprise social network company Yammer for $1 billion-plus, a move that could bolster everything from Microsoft's unified communications to CRM businesses.

Written by Bob Brown14 June 12 15:46

iPad price cut has sparked tablet computer price free fall

Apple's announcement in March, upon releasing the new iPad (a.k.a. iPad 3), that it was lowering iPad 2 pricing to $399 has forced other tablet computer makers to slash pricing on their devices as well. That proved to be a major reason for the average selling price of tablets falling 21% to $386 in Q1, according to IMS Research.

Written by Bob Brown08 June 12 15:34

First Look: Airtime video chat service for Facebook

I just took Airtime, the new video chat service from start-up stars Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, for a spin on Tuesday, its first day of general availability. My first impressions: It works fine, though I'm not sure I'll get addicted to it.

Written by Bob Brown06 June 12 13:43

Facebook hires noted iOS jailbreaker Chpwn

Nothing gets the hacker community buzzing more than one of its own going corporate, and the latest to stir things up is new Facebook intern Grant Paul, whose iOS jailbreaking exploits as "Chpwn" have given iPad, iPhone and iPod users more freedom.

Written by Bob Brown06 June 12 05:44