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How Virtualization Improves Software Development

Virtualization technologies aren't just for server consolidation. They've long been valuable tools to anyone writing or testing software. We show how these tools are being used for software development and quality assurance now and identify a few places where developers still want more from virtualization.

Written by Daniel Dern17 Feb. 09 10:48

How Virtualization Improves Software Development

Virtualization's big push to fame was arguably kick-started by VMware's Workstation product, which allowed individual users to run a bunch of OSes, versions or instances (similar to multiple application windows) instead of having a one-at-a-time multi-boot environment. In many companies, virtualization arrived with developers first using the technology quietly to do testing and development, then introducing the virtualization tools to IT higher-ups.

Written by Daniel Dern12 Feb. 09 11:06

Sci-Fi Writers and Technology's Future

Science fiction isn't (as a rule) about predicting the future, and science fiction writers aren't trying to predict it.

Written by Daniel Dern18 Jan. 09 10:35

How to Get Started in Virtual-World Operations

IT service companies, like many of the Second Life solution providers, will be happy to help you build a virtual-world environment for your network operations or data center.

Written by Daniel Dern14 July 08 10:44