Stories by Eugene Nizker

Blog: Open Source: Real Solutions or Populist Sentiments?

It’s time to get back to reality and offer something positive and constructive: better planning; saving by investing into your staff; shutting down failing projects; and delivering solutions together with your client.

Written by Eugene Nizker28 Oct. 08 11:10

7 Agile Leadership Lessons for the Suits

Most of the 400 presentations at the Agile 2008 conference, held last month in Toronto, were geared for developers and testers. But the event held more than a few revelations and "Aha!" moments for IT managers, particularly revolving around team workflow, business value, company culture and the new role of the manager. Here are the key messages communicated by and to the Agile community.

Written by Eugene Nizker05 Sept. 08 12:55

Blog: Why the Waterfall "Failed"?

May be it's not a waterfall that failed, but our understanding of it as Dr. Kruchten pointed out. However, waterfall clearly has its limitations. I tend to think that we tried to use it beyond its boundaries of applicability and now blame the process while we really need to look in the mirror. Let's consider the topic a bit closer.

Written by Eugene Nizker26 Nov. 07 11:51