Stories by Bruce A. Stewart

Taking control by letting go

I know of a central IT group that recently grew eightfold overnight. No, not through a merger -- it was the users turning their shadow IT groups over to IT because they don't need them anymore. All of this happened because this central IT organization got into the business of creating tools for users to satisfy reasonable IT needs on their own.

Written by Bruce A. Stewart27 May 08 08:04

Five Roadblocks to Faster IT Projects

Several clients and prospects have said to me that they want to speed up their IT organisations. But speed doesn't come easily, and that's a message none of these organizations has been comfortable hearing. Here's what stands in their way:

Written by Bruce A. Stewart09 May 08 15:47

Moving Beyond Process Design

For a good decade now, most IT organizations have been strongly focused on business process design. With businesses investing big bucks in ERP, supply chain management and customer relationship management systems, process design has been king, and in many cases it has met real business needs. But more and more, with those implementations mostly behind us, process design will take a back seat to other skills.

Written by Bruce A. Stewart06 Sept. 07 09:48