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Left to your own devices

I've been watching a challenge grow on the horizon. It comes up over and over again in conversations with security and technology executives alike, and if it hasn't hit your organization yet...well, let's just say that it probably has and you're just missing it. It's the broad issue of mobility and the consumerization of IT. Simply put, it's all those fun little devices that your employees are bringing to you and saying "support me."

Written by Bob Bragdon21 June 11 05:19

Are passwords a waste of time?

I apologize up front for jumping into this debate, but I couldn't resist. Not a week goes by, or so it seems, without some newspaper, magazine or TV show (apologies to my media brethren) lambasting security and IT professionals because they force unnecessary security controls on the poor, downtrodden consumer or worker. It's as if your security requirements are designed to make everyone's life miserable with little or no benefit. You evil CSOs! My heart bleeds for the poor peasants whom you oppress.

Written by Bob Bragdon06 May 10 03:57