Stories by Brad Reed

Q&A: Why consumerization won't kill corporate IT

The consumerization of IT is old news at this point, since workers have been bringing their iPhones and Android-based devices to work for years now.

Written by Brad Reed03 Oct. 11 15:30

Apple sets Oct. 4 date to 'talk iPhone'

It's just like Apple to pour rain on Amazon's new Kindle Fire by setting a press event for the new iPhone next week.

Written by Brad Reed28 Sept. 11 02:26

Amazon's new tablet: What to expect

With Amazon's highly anticipated tablet set to debut on Wednesday, we've decided to round up what we know, or think we know, about the new device.

Written by Brad Reed27 Sept. 11 04:44

Android adoption accelerates, says Nielsen

Google's Android mobile operating system is still steadily expanding its share of the U.S. smartphone market, as industry watcher Nielsen reports that 43% of American smartphone subscribers use Android-based devices.

Written by Brad Reed27 Sept. 11 04:44

Seven new cloud companies to watch

By now we're all familiar with the big names in the cloud computing industry, such as Amazon, Rackspace and VMware.

Written by Brad Reed13 Sept. 11 06:39

Android apps double Web use

The question of whether Android users really value mobile applications has been answered in the affirmative, according to a new Nielsen report.

Written by Brad Reed19 Aug. 11 02:31

In pictures: First look - RIM's new BlackBerry Torch smartphones

It's been a pretty rough year for BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, as the company's PlayBook tablet received middling reviews, RIM axed 11% of its workforce and its BlackBerry smartphones have continued to lose market share to Android and the iPhone. But RIM is hoping that its newest devices are the start of a turnaround, as they combine top-notch hardware with what RIM hopes are significant improvements to its operating system and user experience. In this slideshow we'll give you a first look at some of the key features from RIM's newest smartphones, the BlackBerry Torch 9810 and the BlackBerry Torch 9850.

Written by Brad Reed08 Aug. 11 16:35

Clearwire wants LTE but needs more capital

So Clearwire has confirmed that it's looking to deploy an LTE network alongside its WiMax one, but there's a big catch: The service provider needs more cash.

Written by Brad Reed05 Aug. 11 03:37