Stories by Brad Reed

Debate erupts over Android malware dangers

Reports of an explosion in <a href="">Android</a> malware have sparked a debate over whether malware on mobile devices is actually a big deal for most users.

Written by Brad Reed22 Nov. 11 07:32

Gartner: Android market share tops 50% worldwide

<a href="">Android</a>'s well-documented <a href="">fragmentation issues</a> apparently <a href="">aren't deterring consumers</a> from snatching up Android phones.

Written by Brad Reed16 Nov. 11 04:23

Sprint slashes mobile data prices

Sprint may be axing its unlimited 4G plans for most devices but at least it's making sure you pay less for what you use.

Written by Brad Reed15 Nov. 11 06:31

RIM bets on BBX to reel in app developers

Research in Motion is making a big push to reinsert its BlackBerry operating system as a top platform for mobile application developers.

Written by Brad Reed04 Nov. 11 09:38

Opinion: Sorry, I don't hate the new Gmail

There's always a temptation to trash companies' efforts when they try to revamp popular formats. In the case of the new Gmail, however, this approach is unwarranted.

Written by Brad Reed03 Nov. 11 04:36

In Chicago, a 4G coming-of-age party

CHICAGO -- Carriers, chipset makers and device manufactures this week threw something of a coming-of-age party on behalf of <a href="">4G</a> <a href="">wireless</a> technologies.

Written by Brad Reed28 Oct. 11 04:40

Sprint cool to new spectrum auctions

CHICAGO -- While Sprint and AT&amp;T have been clashing for months over the latter's <a href="">proposed merger with T-Mobile</a>, they can surely still agree on the value of spectrum auctions, right?

Written by Brad Reed26 Oct. 11 00:31

CTIA, FCC agree on 'bill shock' plan

<a href="">Wireless</a> subscribers should not be shocked if they start receiving text or voicemail alerts telling them when they're about to hit their monthly limits on voice, data and SMS.

Written by Brad Reed18 Oct. 11 03:16