Stories by Brad Reed

Google Chrome headed for Ice Cream Sandwich Android devices

Google's popular Chrome browser is finally coming to <a href="">Android</a>-based phones, but only if you have the very latest version of the operating system.

Written by Brad Reed08 Feb. 12 08:26

Centrex: It's alive (for now)!

<a href="">Centrex</a> is a lot like the talking plague victim from Monty Python's "Holy Grail": It's not quite dead yet.

Written by Brad Reed08 Feb. 12 04:56

Before Facebook: How other recent dot-com IPOs have fared

Although Facebook (FB - to be traded on NASDAQ or NYSE) is by far the most high-profile <a href="">dot-com company to go public</a> over the past year, it is actually one of several companies that have led to a revival of web company IPOs. And while many dot-com IPOs have been long on hype, they haven't yet paid off in terms of shareholder value.

Written by Brad Reed03 Feb. 12 09:33

AT&T chief bashes FCC, pleads for more spectrum

AT&amp;T CEO Randall Stephenson is still unhappy that the Federal Communications Commission helped foul up his company's attempt to merge with T-Mobile.

Written by Brad Reed27 Jan. 12 04:34

Google's new cross-service info sharing: Why the hubbub?

How you feel about Google's newest <a href="">information-sharing policy</a> all boils down to how comfortable you are with Google following your every move online.

Written by Brad Reed27 Jan. 12 02:36

5 key takeaways from CES

As is often the case, the expectations of what will be the big story at the Consumer Electronics Show are different from what actually becomes the big story.

Written by Brad Reed14 Jan. 12 02:36