Stories by Jane Howze

Job Interviews and the Power of Silence

In this latest Hiring Manager Interview, Mark Settle, the CIO of BMC Software, shares the first-hand lessons he's learned about talking too much during job interviews and advises job seekers on how to establish a rapport with hiring managers during job interviews.

Written by Jane Howze17 Feb. 09 10:41

The Hiring Manager Interviews: Frank Hoose

The American Diabetes Association's senior vice president of IT uses behavioural interviewing techniques and gathers input from his staff to pick winning candidates

Written by Jane Howze26 March 08 11:29

Hiring Manager: Emphasize Integrity, Attitude

William Howell shares his hiring mistakes and his secrets for selecting the best job candidates, finding objective references and using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool.

Written by Jane Howze14 Dec. 07 11:18

The hiring manager interviews

Katherine (Kathy) Tamer likes to have a master staffing plan to assist her with hiring decisions. As vice president and CIO of NASA contractor United Space Alliance (USA), Tamer leads a 400-person IT organization, so it's no wonder she needs a master plan to guide all that staffing

Written by Jane Howze10 Sept. 07 21:27

Recruiters Advice

With a new year recently begun, it is time for all of us to reassess the past year with an eye to having 2006 be better. Some of you will determine that it may be time to change positions. Others may not, but January always proves to be one of the months executives are most likely to receive calls from search firms.

Written by Jane Howze30 Jan. 06 16:20