Stories by Heather Harreld

What a Switch!

Before deregulation, utilities didn't have to worry about customer service. Now they do. Buying CRM software won't do the trick.

Written by Heather Harreld06 June 01 12:38

Pick-Up Artist

At Enterprise Rent-A-Car, customer service goes well beyond the company's "We'll pick you up" tag line. And IT plays an important role in helping employees focus on customers.

Written by Heather Harreld10 Nov. 00 13:11

E-Business Models: Lemon Aid

By providing detailed vehicle history reports, Carfax hopes its website strikes a chord with used-car buyers.

Written by Heather Harreld07 July 00 11:10

Privacy: Red, White and You

With this year's hacker attacks on some of the most popular websites, we must ralise that our national security is just as vulnerable to the same types of intrusions. Rather than waithing for someone else to fix it, here's how you can help.

Written by Heather Harreld30 June 00 14:38