Stories by Bruce Craig

Rethink mobile app development: Re-use rather than rip and replace

There is no question that mobile use is on the increase. According to Telsyte, nearly 90 per cent of all mobile phone users in Australia will have a smartphone as their primary device in 2015, up from just under 50 per cent in 2011. That equates to 18.5 million smartphone users.

Written by Bruce Craig20 July 12 08:00

Cloud is the next game changer in testing: Micro Focus

In the fast-moving information technology industry, barely a year goes by without a new ‘next big thing’; a radical new discovery that will transform the way businesses conduct their everyday operations, while saving them a small fortune in the bargain. The cloud is such a game changer.

Written by Bruce Craig12 April 11 10:00

Testing is IT's elephant in the room: Micro Focus

For a growing number of organisations today, their software is the first or only means of interaction with their customers. It is, therefore, essential that it works.

Written by Bruce Craig30 March 11 15:31

Modernising government IT

The recent budget handed down by the federal government offered fairly slim pickings for the IT industry. The e-Health reforms are still on the table, while other projects such as new passport issuing systems, defence data centre upgrades and efforts to combat money laundering and organised crime were also announced. But, generally speaking, in an effort to bring the budget deficit back into the black, the government has taken a pretty conservative approach to IT spend. Which poses the question: Has there been any consideration taken towards modernising legacy IT systems? Could this be one sensible way to cut costs and, at the same time, bring some of these ancient systems — and let’s face it, many government bodies are running on some pretty archaic infrastructure — into the 21st century?

Written by Bruce Craig21 July 10 07:00