Stories by James R. Borck

Review: AppMobi XDK brings more style than substance to iPhone, Android development

Despite the gold-rush atmosphere around mobile application development, you won't find many newbie-friendly tools aligned to help nonprogrammers mine for application riches. Even if the target platforms often seem like toys, most of the development kits are still developer-minded and code-centric, and they can present formidable hurdles to the uninitiated.

Written by James R. Borck11 May 12 20:15

PhoneGap: Mobile development made easy

Mobile development is as much about UI artistry and screen flow as technical programming. This premium on presentation means that the most important skills for building mobile apps are more likely to be found in your Web developers than your Objective-C coders.

Written by James R. Borck15 Feb. 12 22:07

ActiveState Komodo 5.0

Multilingual ActiveState Komodo 5.0 conquers Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby projects with strong debug facilities, excellent code control, and an unbeatable set of utilities

Written by James R. Borck06 April 09 12:30