Stories by Maryfran Johnson

Are patents the secret to competitive advantage in IT?

CIO magazine editor in chief Maryfran Johnson weighs in on the importance of seeking patents for IT innovation when it comes to maintaining a competitive edge and driving new business.

Written by Maryfran Johnson28 Sept. 12 21:38

Why CIOs should mentor startups

If you're not already working with tech startups on projects pertaining to emerging technologies, it's time to get back in the game, says CIO magazine editor in chief Maryfran Johnson.

Written by Maryfran Johnson15 Sept. 12 21:12

Why some CIOs earn the big bucks

CIOs can earn bigtime bonuses when their businesses meet financial goals. CIO magazine's editor in chief Maryfran Johnson weighs in on our exclusive research into CIO pay.

Written by Maryfran Johnson30 Aug. 12 15:51

The challenges of simplification

CIO magazine editor in chief Maryfran Johnson looks at how some companies are tackling the complex task of making their tools and processes simpler

Written by Maryfran Johnson29 June 12 19:33

Editor's Letter: Can we get a CIO-CMO do-over?

CIO magazine's editor in chief discusses our June 15 cover story on the CIO-CMO relationship and why, despite the potential for animosity, there is a big benefit in learning to get along.

Written by Maryfran Johnson08 June 12 12:53

Big Brother's Mining Our Data, Do We Care?

CIO magazine Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson considers our June 1 cover story on Equifax's new business strategy, which involves massive amounts of consumer and business data. Gen Y is at the edge of a brand new world devoid of privacy. Do they care?

Written by Maryfran Johnson31 May 12 19:16

What Sesame Street can teach CIOs about managing consumer IT

As the CTO of the Sesame Workshop (Big Bird and Elmo are part of his user base), Noah Broadwater was one of the most popular speakers at IDG Enterprise's recent Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise conference. (IDG Enterprise is the parent company of CIO magazine.)

Written by Maryfran Johnson29 March 12 02:27

Why CIOs should get out more

Set down your devices. Step away from that keyboard. Unplug from your social networks. Let's revisit the basics of face-to-face (F2F), one-on-one human connection.

Written by Maryfran Johnson01 March 12 01:35

Why pricing should be done on more than just instinct

Sometimes complexity is our friend. We tend to forget that in the barrage of talk about simplicity that surrounds us these days (blame it on the election year). Yet easy answers to complex problems are always, as H.L. Mencken once observed, "neat, plausible, and wrong."

Written by Maryfran Johnson27 Jan. 12 09:58

CIOs are in an anxious state

These anxious, uncertain times are clearly reflected in our 2012 State of the CIO research. The results from this time last year seem giddy in retrospect, with our annual research findings meriting a headline that shouted out "Energizing Business."

Written by Maryfran Johnson04 Jan. 12 02:07

Why CIOs detest the phrase 'IT and the business'

I know a lot of CIOs who detest the phrase "IT and the business," implying as it does that IT is a thing apart, a foreign particle in the company body. As someone who believes in the power of language, I'm with them. I cringe to think how often we fall victim to that polarizing phrase in the pages of CIO.

Written by Maryfran Johnson03 Nov. 11 05:51