Stories by Maryfran Johnson

Many CIOs Yearn for the Corner Office

Some 42 percent of CIOs say they have the skills to be CEO. That's a lot of corner office envy, says Maryfran Johnson. Only a few have the business savvy to make it.

Written by Maryfran Johnson30 Sept. 13 12:52

Top CIOs embrace the need for speed

The business world views CIOs as more tortoise than hare, but it's time to rethink that stereotype. Award-winning CIOs find that speeding up innovation and business processes yields a competitive advantage.

Written by Maryfran Johnson30 July 13 19:58

The Dangers of Disconnected Data

CIOs in the food and pharma industries confront unique challenges in untangling complex supply chains to ensure product safety and availability.

Written by Maryfran Johnson26 June 13 22:58

Exploiting Big Data From the Heavens

The weather is good for more than just small talk, says Maryfran Johnson. It's a big business, with companies like The Weather Channel and AccuWeather selling data analytics to businesses like DHL and Sears, who use weather data to make timely decisions.

Written by Maryfran Johnson30 May 13 00:15

Fast-Food CIOs Are Fast Learners

This $707 billion global industry is building more intimate customer relationships by pushing the IT envelope on technologies like real-time data analysis, inventory-tracking sensors and mobile payments

Written by Maryfran Johnson28 March 13 20:14

Chief Digital Officers: Friend or Foe for the CIO?

The rising tide of hiring CDOs, who bring marketing, e-commerce and sales backgrounds to the C-suite, could eclipse the strategic importance of CIOs. Here's how Best Buy, Starbucks and OfficeMax are taking advtage of this new dynamic duo to bring about digital transformations.

Written by Maryfran Johnson26 Feb. 13 14:49

CIOs Getting Better at People Skills

Our annual checkup on the state of the CIO shows improvement in the leadership skills required to achieve great things for business peers and external customers, says Maryfran Johnson

Written by Maryfran Johnson02 Jan. 13 14:24

Only a Small Percentage of CIOs Are Triple Threats

CIOs tend to be good at management and problem-solving, but only a few are good at selling. We found a small, inspiring group of CIOs who are actually generating revenue for their business.

Written by Maryfran Johnson30 Nov. 12 14:05

CIOs: You Can Rescue Your Board

Members of the board of directors are dangerously undereducated about IT, says Maryfran Johnson. We have advice on how to fix that (in ways that will resonate with the directors and not scare them off).

Written by Maryfran Johnson15 Nov. 12 13:38

Offline-Online Convergence Is Shaking Up the Retail Sector

CIOs are at the center of the 'omnichannel retail' revolution, where the customer expects the same great shopping experience whether the venue is a store, website, smartphone or tablet, says CIO Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson.

Written by Maryfran Johnson30 Oct. 12 20:19

What it takes to improve CIO tenure

CIOs, with their 5-year average tenure, are on the low end of the spectrum when compared to the longevity of their colleagues in the C-suite. CIO magazine editor in chief Maryfran Johnson looks at why that is and how CIOs can last longer in the job

Written by Maryfran Johnson12 Oct. 12 12:49