Stories by Jon Gold

10 most powerful companies in IoT

IoT is a dynamic area where the power could shift at any time. Here is our snapshot of the 10 most powerful IoT companies now.

Written by Jon Gold25 Sept. 19 22:19

IoT roundup: VMware, Nokia beef up their IoT offerings

Everyone wants in on the ground floor of the internet of things, and companies including Nokia, VMware and Silicon Labs are sharpening their offerings in anticipation of further growth.

Written by Jon Gold25 April 19 06:30

Why blockchain (might be) coming to an IoT implementation near you

There’s a small but growing overlap between two of today’s buzzier technologies, yet it’s far from certain that blockchain’s impact on the Internet of Things is going to be widespread, particularly in the near-term.

Written by Jon Gold05 April 19 06:02