Stories by David Pearson

CIO Be Nimble

Not every IT organisation has to be ready to change direction in a single bound. Just the ones that want to survive.

Written by David Pearson05 Oct. 99 10:05

Pressure Pointers

Working too hard? A noted psychologist and executive coach tells how to climb to high places without succumbing to high stress

Written by David Pearson06 Sept. 99 16:19

Trail to the Chief

A question for those whose careers have plateaued at CIO: Could you run the business?

Written by David Pearson02 Aug. 99 15:06


A derailing IT organisation gets back on track

Written by David Pearson02 Aug. 99 15:06

The Hidden Costs of Data Integration

Data integration is all about new operating efficiencies and improved business processes -- neither of which comes cheap. Integration projects are also prone to run-on expenses in unexpected, or hidden, areas. Here you'll learn about those hidden costs and how to avoid them.

Written by David Pearson25 May 99 11:54


There's a scene in Jurassic Park where the chaos theorist played by Jeff Goldblum says, with equal parts foreboding and hope, "Life will find a way. Life always finds a way."

Written by David Pearson05 May 99 09:47

ISSUES AT LARGE - 20 tips for picking partners

Feeling bombarded by vendors that want your business and will stop at nothing to catch your eye and win you over? Don't get annoyed with all those calls, letters and invitations. Start dancing.

Written by David Pearson26 Oct. 98 11:00