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Why cyber security is critical for smart grid

Power system operations pose many security challenges that are different from most other industries. For instance, most security measures were developed to counter hackers on the Internet.

Written by Shoaib Yousuf11 July 12 10:20

Protective measures for SCADA

Anything connected to the Internet today is a potential victim to malicious attacks. Regardless of how easy it is to attack SCADA systems, one thing is clear: The impact of a successful attack can be catastrophic.

Written by Shoaib Yousuf11 July 12 10:07

Smart grid security: Critical success factors

Threats to the smart grid can be classified into three broad groups: system level threats that attempt to take down the grid; attempts to steal electrical service; and attempts to compromise the confidentiality of data on the system.

Written by Shoaib Yousuf01 Oct. 10 14:40