Stories by Mathias Thurman

Security concerns over a datacentre in the Cloud

My company has outgrown its offices and will be moving to a new facility next year. While the company as a whole will have more space, the data center will shrink to less than half the square footage it now occupies. The goal is to decrease the data center footprint by 60%.

Written by Mathias Thurman07 May 12 20:11

Security Manager's Journal: You can't secure every employee's home

We recently deployed RSA SecurID software authentication tokens to replace the hardware tokens we had been using to provide strong authentication for remote access via a VPN client. Hardware tokens are more secure for two-factor authentication in some ways (but not in every way, as you'll see), but the software tokens can be used on mobile devices such as phones; they are much less expensive; and they can be deployed more quickly and easily. What's more, when a user no longer needs access, it's much simpler to disable a software token than it is to retrieve a hardware token from somewhere like China, Russia or India.

Written by Mathias Thurman24 Jan. 12 03:22