Stories by Mathias Thurman

Security Manager's Journal: Learning to let go and offshore

I have shunned offshoring and have written about my concerns in the past. But I worked for a different company when I shared those thoughts, and years have passed since that time. When my current employer started sending some IT activities to an office in India, I was more satisfied than I was in the past that security was being well addressed. For starters, our network and server operations team has moved monitoring offshore. That led to the offshoring of several other activities, including the administration of our network and of the Windows and Unix systems, as well as the help desk and quality assurance operations.

Written by Mathias Thurman12 Aug. 13 15:35

Security Manager's Journal: Acquisitions need early security review

Maybe I'm an oddball, but I like the action that surrounds a merger or acquisition. I guess I need a little unplanned activity every now and then to distract me from my day-to-day tasks. Whatever the reason, I was excited to hear that my company would be acquiring a small company. It had been years since we had done anything like that.

Written by Mathias Thurman03 June 13 15:53

Security Manager's Journal: R&D's new security lab is a promising step

It's a great thing when a security manager doesn't have to go into battle mode every time a new corporate initiative emerges. When other departments show signs that they aren't putting security last, I can relax a bit. But just a little bit. Even in those cases, I want to have input.

Written by Mathias Thurman25 March 13 14:16

Security Manager's Journal: Tracking down rogue IT

Some call it "shadow IT," but I am among those who call it "rogue IT." Both terms refer to information technology that has made its way into an organization without proper approval.

Written by Mathias Thurman03 Dec. 12 15:49