Stories by Derek Slater

Middleware Demystified

This "connector" technology is a crucial element in the integrated enterprise, but it's also a minefield of confusing jargon. Here's a primer

Written by Derek Slater31 May 00 16:02

The Whole . . . is More than its Parts

Getting to the truly integrated enterprise should not be a piecemeal journey. You've got to have a vision of where you're going in order to get there

Written by Derek Slater31 May 00 16:02

Deciding Factors

In the battle between Unix and Windows, there's still no winner. Arm yourself with enough information to choose between them

Written by Derek Slater27 April 00 12:13

Loan Star

Bucking the industry norm of paper-based loan approvals, HFC completes the process in minutes and raises customer awareness

Written by Derek Slater07 Feb. 00 10:41

Profile: Ford Motor Alignment Check

How do you keep IT in sync with business strategy at a $144 billion global business undergoing a major transformation? Just ask Ford

Written by Derek Slater25 Nov. 99 12:30

Car Wars

Once upon a time, selling cars was a matter of personal relationships and negotiation. Then the Web arrived, and all that changed. Better buckle up: It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Written by Derek Slater13 Sept. 99 09:42

Knight Moves

The Internet Chess Club's pay-to-play formula wins on the Web.

Written by Derek Slater13 Sept. 99 09:42

High Wire Act

Electricity and gas. Suddenly, it's risky business. Deregulation is forcing utilities to define themselves in new ways and sell themselves to new customers. And the shock of this newness is falling on the power company CIOs.

Written by Derek Slater02 Sept. 99 09:25

What is a VPN?

Virtual private networks may not be totally private-but the price is right.

Written by Derek Slater17 Aug. 99 10:32

Perfect Harmony

New enterprise systems management frameworks make controlling distributed computing environments as easy as connecting the dots. So why are CIOs hesitant to take the ESM brush to the IS canvas?

Written by Derek Slater11 Aug. 99 10:17

Call Centre Holding Patterns

Labour is the priciest aspect of a call centre, so the name of the game has long been pure efficiency: Crank through the highest possible volume of calls with the smallest possible number of agents. Though it sounds like a worthy goal, efficiency carried to extremes often has meant rows of cramped cubicles with phone reps riffling through layer after layer of green-screen windows, hunting for key customer information scattered among myriad databases. Morale is low; eyestrain and turnover are high.

Written by Derek Slater02 June 99 12:04

Playing Well Together

Let's say you've chosen your enterprise resource planning (ERP) package with the utmost care. You've done the cross-functional requirement planning teams, the meticulous change management process, the whole shebang.

Written by Derek Slater25 May 99 11:54

Free Radicals

Freeware promises to give CIOs control over their computer systems' destiny.Should you join the revolution?

Written by Derek Slater22 March 99 11:37

The Corporate Skeleton

In this examination of infrastructures built for corporate deftness, readers will learn - Technical considerations for tailoring infrastructure - How data is part of infrastructure - Options for organising personnel

Written by Derek Slater02 Feb. 99 12:28