Stories by Agam Shah

Intel's Nehalem EX to gain error correction technology

Intel's eight-core Nehalem EX server processor will include a technology derived from its high-end Itanium chips that helps to reduce data corruption and ensure reliable server performance, the company said Tuesday.

Written by Agam Shah27 May 09 10:18

UN distributing 500,000 computers to poor countries

Ncomputing on Monday said it will provide virtual desktops for the United Nations as part of a wider UN program to distribute 500,000 workstations to developing nations.

Written by Agam Shah27 May 09 09:03

Server revenue declined sharply in Q1, IDC says

A precipitous fall in worldwide server shipments triggered a sharp decline in revenue for server makers during the first quarter of 2009, IDC said in a survey released on Thursday.

Written by Agam Shah29 May 09 08:06

Dell's net income drops 63 percent in Q1

Dell on Thursday reported a 63 percent fall in net income during the first quarter of 2010, triggered partly by reduced PC sales and a restructuring charge related to cost cutting.

Written by Agam Shah29 May 09 04:01

Lenovo targets netbooks with ultrathin laptop

In an attempt to upset the netbook applecart, Lenovo on Monday planned to introduced a small and affordable laptop that can deliver full PC functionality without compromising features.

Written by Agam Shah25 May 09 20:36

Intel once again delays Itanium chip

After multiple delays, Intel on Thursday once again pushed back the release of its next-generation Itanium server chip to the first quarter of 2010.

Written by Agam Shah22 May 09 05:35

IBM appliance speeds up software installation

In an effort to set itself apart from other server vendors, IBM on Tuesday said it was stepping up efforts to make purpose-built appliances that remove the complexity of integrating software and services in a system.

Written by Agam Shah19 May 09 14:02

Intel aims to add speed to Atom with new platform

Intel on Tuesday revealed further details surrounding its next-generation Atom netbook platform that should provide improved system performance and power savings to low-cost laptops.

Written by Agam Shah20 May 09 03:59

Intel goes after Windows 7 on netbooks with Linux

In an effort to counter the growing dominance of Microsoft's Windows OS in netbooks, Intel on Tuesday announced a beta version of a Linux OS it has developed for low-cost laptops and mobile devices.

Written by Agam Shah20 May 09 04:48

Appro pulls CPUs, GPUs together for server cluster

Appro's new HyperPower Cluster, announced Monday, mixes the processing power of CPUs and graphics processing units to tackle high-performance computing tasks.

Written by Agam Shah19 May 09 04:11

AMD gains processor market share on Intel

After five quarters of declining market share, Advanced Micro Devices gained ground in chip shipments over chief rival Intel during the first quarter of 2009, IDC said on Tuesday.

Written by Agam Shah12 May 09 14:07

Dell netbook rumor prompts questions about Android

Reports that Dell might use Google's Android OS in a netbook raises questions about what the device might look like and whether Android is ready for use beyond smartphones.

Written by Agam Shah08 May 09 10:31

LED street lights brighten the Tenderloin

Prostitution and drugs frighten some people away from San Francisco's gritty Tenderloin district, but the area could soon enlighten the city with a money-saving idea.

Written by Agam Shah08 May 09 04:24