Stories by Agam Shah

IBM scientists build computer chips from DNA

Scientists at IBM are experimenting with using DNA molecules as a way to create tiny circuits that could form the basis of smaller, more powerful computer chips.

Written by Agam Shah17 Aug. 09 08:07

Intel says its new SSDs are faster, cheaper

Intel has launched new solid-state drives that are cheaper and have faster write speeds than their predecessors, the company said Tuesday.

Written by Agam Shah22 July 09 01:05

Microsoft outlines upgrade paths to Windows 7

Microsoft on Tuesday detailed upgrade paths from old Windows editions to its upcoming Windows 7 OS, saying that Europeans will not be able to directly upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Written by Agam Shah22 July 09 07:26

Dell looking to grow through acquisitions

Dell executives on Tuesday said the company was looking to stimulate growth through acquisition as it moves its focus from client hardware to enterprise products.

Written by Agam Shah15 July 09 04:46

IBM loses patent dispute with Asus

The U.S. International Trade Commission Monday rejected an IBM request to review a decision that denied the company's attempts to block the import of hardware made by Asustek on patent infringement grounds.

Written by Agam Shah15 July 09 06:39

HP to form new group for managed print services

Hewlett-Packard is stepping up its efforts in the area of managed print services. The company plans to form a new group dedicated to this area, and is also launching a program that it says will help guarantee savings for customers who sign up for the services.

Written by Agam Shah13 July 09 14:03

Dell says demand for products is stabilizing

Dell said on Monday that demand for its products is "stabilizing" and that it expects to report a sequential increase in revenue for its second fiscal quarter, which ends July 31.

Written by Agam Shah14 July 09 08:59

Quick-boot laptops ready for a facelift

After being hampered by slow adoption, laptops with quick-boot capabilities may soon be upgraded with new features that could make them attractive to users.

Written by Agam Shah08 July 09 05:50

Apple CEO Jobs returns to work

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has returned to work on schedule after taking a six-month leave of absence due to medical issues, the company said on Monday.

Written by Agam Shah30 June 09 05:07

PC shipments showing signs of recovery, Gartner says

The PC market is showing signs of recovery, with the freefall of PC shipments skidding to a halt thanks to competitive PC prices and a continued interest in netbooks, Gartner said on Thursday

Written by Agam Shah26 June 09 06:16

Samsung shrinks SSDs for netbooks

Samsung on Monday introduced solid-state drives (SSDs) for netbooks that are smaller than traditional SSDs and consume significantly less power.

Written by Agam Shah23 June 09 11:41

Intel, Nokia both should win in partnership

The partnership Intel and Nokia announced on Tuesday to develop future mobile devices should help both companies, though analysts are skeptical whether it will result in any actual products.

Written by Agam Shah24 June 09 10:36

Apple CEO Jobs had liver transplant, report says

Apple CEO Steve Jobs received a liver transplant about two months ago to treat an undisclosed medical condition, according a news report published in the Wall Street Journal late Friday.

Written by Agam Shah22 June 09 08:21

Sun's Rock doomed from start, analysts say

Sun's development Rock processor was a troubled project that may never have stood a chance, analysts said following reports that the chip had been axed.

Written by Agam Shah18 June 09 09:27

More employees neglecting data security, survey says

More employees are ignoring data security policies and engaging in activities that could put a company at risk, according to a survey released by Ponemon Institute on Wednesday.

Written by Agam Shah11 June 09 08:38