Stories by Andrew Rowsell-Jones

Every Move You Make

Within the next 10 years the convergence of multiple technologies will thrust people into a world where nothing is secret

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones09 Nov. 04 10:49

What's Your Score?

Executives measure what's important

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones05 Oct. 04 10:00

Relationships Matter

Executives are being forced to become specialist relationship managers

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones10 Sept. 04 15:10

Hidden Pockets

There's more than one way to skin the IT-budget cat

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones06 Aug. 04 10:30

The Best of Both Worlds

Business process fusion provides a path to agility and efficiency

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones12 July 04 13:04

Springtime for CIOs

There's life in those IT budgets yet

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones10 May 04 14:07

The Great Leap Forward

Focusing on near-term benefits stalls business innovation

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones07 April 04 14:18

Totally Brilliant

Business cases drive important investment decisions, but when leveraged to drive results as well, they can do much more

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones10 March 04 12:28

Life with Everyone Watching

Privacy without trust is a cost: privacy with trust is an opportunity.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones06 Feb. 04 10:02

OPINION: Poor Cousins

If you think government CIOs are doing it tough — you’re right.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones11 June 03 09:01

Poor Cousins

If you think you’re doing it tough — you’re right.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones06 June 03 13:20