Stories by Andrew Rowsell-Jones

Keeping Score

Tired of justifying your seat at the executive table? Get your peers to stop thinking of the CIO as a service provider and start treating you like a business partner.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones03 April 06 12:24

Harnessing Good Ideas

Good ideas are a great driver of business success but can lose their momentum if not tied to a repeatable growth process

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones08 March 06 13:17

Change Is the Name of the Game

Business process change presents opportunities and threats for CIOs and IT

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones03 Feb. 06 10:23

Quick Change Artistry

How well an enterprise can change determines whether change is a threat or an opportunity

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones12 Dec. 05 13:06

Breaking With Tradition

The nature of IT risk is changing, reducing the effectiveness of traditional risk management approaches

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones22 Nov. 05 17:48

Time to Get Real?

Is real-time infrastructure too good to be true or a potential new source of reduced cost and increased agility?

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones11 Oct. 05 09:41

Office Building

Forces fragmenting CIO time and attention are not one-off events. CIOs need a new way of navigating them

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones08 Sept. 05 11:02

Know Your Advantage

Most CIOs have a delivery strategy, strong on the what, without much on the why. A good IT strategy needs both

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones09 Aug. 05 15:26

The Shape of Things to Come

Trigger events, such as a change in business strategy, cause CIOs to rethink how IS is structured

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones07 July 05 08:00

Does Size Still Matter?

For today's firms, success means knowing how to specialize and focus on what you're good at

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones08 June 05 13:21

In Credibility We Trust

Start making deposits into your personal credibility bank account today

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones05 May 05 13:20

A Better Relationship

By managing their relationships with CEOs, many CIOs can move toward a business leadership role

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones05 April 05 09:57

The Competitive Edge

Building acceptance of a new information orientation is the CIO's role

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones08 March 05 10:50

Lenin or Darwin?

When should your organization adopt revolution and when should it adopt evolution?

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones04 Feb. 05 11:31