Stories by Andrew Rowsell-Jones

The Sum of IT's Parts

Increasing business expectations mean more pressure on IT organizations to deliver. More stakeholders and more complexity means more multi-disciplinary teams. Synergy — the productive interworking of IT staff with business, suppliers, partners and customers, is key to enterprise growth and increased competitiveness

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones03 Sept. 07 14:21

Reaching Out

Enterprises conduct most of their business processes internally to limit transaction costs and keep intellectual capital confidential, but also partly out of habit

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones06 Aug. 07 12:23

Driving Customer-Centric IT

Growth remains a top priority for CEOs. Revenue growth and increasing market share outstrip lowering the cost base as strategic priorities. Enterprises seek to deepen their penetration in home markets, and enter new markets

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones05 July 07 10:05

Managing the Legacy Portfolio

As one of the contributors to recent Gartner EXP research into legacy assets observed: "A legacy system is a hindrance that fills a business need — so you can't just get rid of it"

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones14 June 07 11:00

Let's Make a Deal

Reflecting the current global economic turnaround, mergers, acquisitions and divestments (MA&Ds) are on the increase

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones07 May 07 12:44

Getting Your Message Up

Boards are important. They exert significant influence over the enterprise on behalf of shareholders and stakeholders. It's easy to say that CIOs must build board-level business acumen. After all, as board interest in IT grows, so CIOs must master the critical skill of interacting well with board members. But how?

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones03 April 07 13:29

Higher Standards

In the last two decades, we have seen the IS organization mature in its approach to software development.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones06 March 07 12:13

Financial Disciplines

"Budgets are not something I agonize over any more" said one CIO contributor to some of our recent research. Many CIOs have to invest time and political capital to hone their IS budgets because the fact is that annual budgets are today's near-universal means of providing oversight, transparency and direction for most IS organizations. This particular CIO at least has got budgets right.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones07 Feb. 07 15:25

Something of Value

Every enterprise grows by meeting the needs of its customers. The information value chain links these needs to the
enterprise's activities. The CIO has a clear role to play in strengthening this chain.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones11 Dec. 06 12:23

The PMO Evolution

PMOs come in three types of increasing complexity. The choice of which one is right for you depends on the business problem you are trying to address

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones09 Oct. 06 12:22

The Urge to Emerge

To achieve growth targets, many enterprises are moving into emerging markets

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones05 Sept. 06 09:00

Measure for Measure

Benefits realization is a persistent need

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones04 Aug. 06 13:20

Building Business Smarts

IS's technical prowess is no longer sufficient to contribute to the business. IS must also have business smarts

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones07 July 06 16:50

Changes All Around

CIOs can use many of the disciplines already at their disposal to make their enterprises more successful at change management

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones05 June 06 09:00

Turnaround Artist

Turn the IS ship in time or hit the iceberg!

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones03 May 06 14:54