Stories by Andrew Rowsell-Jones

Change: A Constant for IT

When steering an IT reorganisation, design matters

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones24 Feb. 09 12:46

Engaging the Customer

As enterprises focus increasingly on growth, direct customer engagement is more important than ever.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones01 Dec. 08 12:48

How CIOs Can Build an Executive Career

As business priorities change and evolve, so do enterprise expectations of the CIO and IT organization. According to the 2008 Gartner Survey of CIOs, enterprises expect to invest proportionally more in distinctive technology solutions that address unique business needs, and less in commodity technologies. The reason for this shift is simple: Marketplace differentiation requires C-level leaders to be focused, committed and able to drive change across their organization -- with direct, positive impact on the bottom line (or gains for the political agenda of a government agency).

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones22 Sept. 08 13:55

Right of Way

Executive expectations for IT have evolved from technology services to business contribution. CEOs now want IT to contribute to strategic differentiation and growth. They are increasingly asking their CIOs: Do I have the right IT? And how do I know?

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones05 Sept. 08 11:40

Plan Like Your Enterprise

Effective CIO participation in corporate planning is critical for business and IT success. However, engaging in corporate planning can be a bumpy road for CIOs due to conflicting time lines, power politics, unforeseen shocks and shifting priorities in business units and the corporate office.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones21 July 08 13:39

Effective 'Goldilocks' Decision Making

In IT, we all make lots of decisions: What tools to buy, who to hire, what to invest in. Decisions are often complex and politically sensitive, involving a large number of stakeholders

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones01 July 08 13:48

The Anytime, Anyplace Enterprise

Customers, employees and partners expect to interact with their suppliers, employers and advisers when, where and how they like. Enterprise CIOs can deliver enhanced business performance and innovation for their firms by combining existing IT assets in conjunction with emerging consumer technologies.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones03 June 08 14:06

IT Has a Better Idea

The development of innovative products and services - or for the sake of brevity, let us just call it new product development - is an imperative for enterprises of every stripe in response to rising stakeholder expectations and growing market competition. Unsurprising then that when asked about such things in the latest Gartner survey of CIOs, supporting and driving new product development was one of the predominant IT issues for 2008 and beyond

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones19 May 08 12:11

Getting The Right IT

Executive expectations for IT have evolved from delivering technology services to contributing to strategic differentiation and growth of the business. CEOs are increasingly asking their CIOs: Do I have the right IT? And how do I know? To answer these questions, CIOs must connect their IT capabilities with the unique perspectives of their business models for delivering value.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones13 May 08 08:30

IT in Product Development

New product development is an imperative for enterprises of every stripe, and because it is of critical importance, it provides an opportunity for CIOs to show that they are business leaders and for IT departments to show that they are well aligned with enterprise goals.

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones15 April 08 01:28

Strong to the Core

Gartner continues to receive enquiries from frustrated IT leaders and their business bosses seeking to up the performance of their IT organizations. Yet recent research reveals that CIOs are surprisingly sceptical about the strength of their own core operations. Of the 1440 CIOs that responded to the annual Gartner CIO Survey in 2007, only 9 percent strongly believe that their IS organization's service levels are meeting business expectations

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones07 March 08 15:08

IS's Seven Levers of Growth

Growth remains the top priority for most business executives. In most enterprises, this means make more profits

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones04 Feb. 08 13:12

Performance Artist

The value of a business investing in IT - like investing in any other asset, such as real estate, a new factory or a TV commercial - is its ability to support and improve business performance. This means that IT value is business value and is expressed as the ratio of business performance to IT investment

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones10 Dec. 07 13:06

Mastering IT Portfolio Management

Most CIOs face demand for projects that far outstrips their ability to deliver. Moreover, some of these projects duplicate systems already being used elsewhere in the enterprise, and most enterprises are cluttered with IT assets

Written by Andrew Rowsell-Jones05 Nov. 07 13:57