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H1B Visa Controversy Obscures Bigger Issues

Editor's Note: President Obama's executive order on immigration announced last night included several implications for H1B visas. Commentator Gary J. Beach, former publisher of and CIO magazine and author of "The U.S. Technology Skills Gap," shares his opinions on why the H1B visa debate is a scapegoat for a much broader challenge facing the United States.

Written by Gary Beach22 Nov. 14 08:22

How to Close the Technology Skills Gap

The first two articles in this series on the technology skills gap focused on numbers. Lots of numbers. Numbers of Americans unemployed and underemployed. Numbers of open jobs that firms cannot fill because they claim applicants do not have the needed skills. And the shocking numbers earned by American students in international assessment examinations that rank them 32nd in the world in mathematics and 22nd in science. Not a beneficial return on investment for another stunning number: the $600 billion American taxpayers spend annually on public education in the United States.

Written by Gary Beach18 Nov. 13 22:51

IT Skills Gap Is Really an Education Gap

In Part 2 of's three-part series on the technology skills gap in America, Gary Beach suggests that the issue is really an education gap. When it comes to math and science education, is the United States a nation at risk?

Written by Gary Beach15 Oct. 13 13:46

Is the Technology Skills Gap Fact or Fiction?

In Part 1 of his three-part series, publisher emeritus Gary Beach examines a question that's stumping job seekers, employers and economists -- does a skills gap exist in the United States in general and in the IT market in particular? (Includes video introduction to the series.)

Written by Gary Beach05 Sept. 13 19:34

CIOs Must Help Plug the Talent Gap

CIOs have trouble filling technical positions because of deficiencies in America's schools. It's time to get involved, says Gary J. Beach, author of a just-released book on this topic.

Written by Gary Beach30 July 13 18:00

Are CIOs Losing Control of Tech Spending?

Gary Beach cites research showing that a lot of corporate spending for technology (like robotics and embedded chips) is outside the CIO's purview. CIOs need to step up and become "chief digitization officers."

Written by Gary Beach15 Nov. 12 13:41

Why CIOs should reconsider BYOD

CIO magazine publisher emeritus Gary Beach sees reasons that a popular BYOD policy will be unsustainable for companies. Some IT execs are already switching to providing company-provided consumer devices. Will you be next?

Written by Gary Beach12 Oct. 12 12:50

Time to pay it forward for better educated IT workers

CIO's Publisher Emeritus Gary Beach knows American students lag behind other countries in STEM and thinks McKinsey's 'Closing the Talent Gap' report may be on to something. Is it time we incentivize our best students to forgo the private sector for jobs in public education?

Written by Gary Beach15 Sept. 12 21:08

Publisher's Letter: How CIOs can help build IT talent for the future

Many in the US are concerned about the talent gap between American students and similarly-aged students overseas when it comes to math and science skills. This is a real problem for our economy and security. But CIOs can help by reaching out to guidance councelors and educating them about jobs in IT.

Written by Gary Beach08 June 12 12:53

The dawning of the age of mobility

John Gantz, a senior vice president with IDC, a global IT research company (and a sister company to CIO's publisher), has a theory about predicting change in the information technology business.

Written by Gary Beach15 June 11 04:39

IT Certification: It's time for a state-run program

Several weeks ago, as the Stuxnet worm was making its way through global business headlines, I was speaking with a CIO about a touchy topic: the need for broad-based, state-administered technology certification programs.

Written by Gary Beach04 Nov. 10 03:02

IT spending: CIOs explain their budget increases

I have had fun the past few months traveling the country and sharing my "2011: A Return to a Growth Agenda" stump speech with CIOs and senior IT executives. I've also had the opportunity to talk with many of you in preparation for appearances on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street." You've had some interesting things to say about budgetary issues that I'd like to share as many of you are finalizing your 2011 budgets.

Written by Gary Beach30 Sept. 10 07:32