Stories by Jeremy Kirk

Single group of hackers targets Uyghur, Tibetan activists

A years-long campaign of seemingly disparate cyberattacks against Tibetan and Uyghur activists likely comes from a single group of hackers, according to a seven-month study by Palo Alto Networks.

Written by Jeremy Kirk25 Jan. 16 12:45

Dridex banking malware adds a new trick

IBM's X-Force researchers have found that the latest version of Dridex uses a DNS (Domain Name System) trick to direct victims to fake banking websites.

Written by Jeremy Kirk20 Jan. 16 15:37

Oracle issues record number of patches

Oracle admins will be busy: The company issued 248 patches on Tuesday, its largest-ever release, according to one security vendor.

Written by Jeremy Kirk20 Jan. 16 11:57

Android malware steals one-time passcodes

One-time passcodes, a crucial defense for online banking applications, are being intercepted by a malware program for Android, according to new research from Symantec.

Written by Jeremy Kirk13 Jan. 16 03:48