Stories by Jeremy Kirk

Researchers see Gumblar attacks surge again

Security researchers are seeing a resurgence of Gumblar, the name for a piece of malicious code that is spread by compromising legitimate but insecure Web sites.

Written by Jeremy Kirk21 Oct. 09 08:26

Zoho links project management tool with Google Apps

Zoho has integrated its online project management tool, along with some other features, with Google's Apps -- a linkage Zoho thinks will benefit users of both software suites.

Written by Jeremy Kirk21 Oct. 09 07:47

Mozilla unblocks Microsoft add-on for Firefox

Mozilla has now unblocked a Microsoft add-on thought to pose a danger due to a software vulnerability, but a second add-on remains blocked, the organization said on Sunday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk20 Oct. 09 08:01

Ericsson courts online publishers with mobile payments

Ericsson will soon launch a platform designed to let consumers buy online content such as news stories with the charge billed to their mobile phone rather than other payment methods, such as a credit card.

Written by Jeremy Kirk20 Oct. 09 08:37

UK investigates online pricing, behavioral advertising

The U.K.'s competition authority launched two studies on Thursday that will probe behavioral-advertising pricing strategies and if some pricing practices could potentially mislead consumers.

Written by Jeremy Kirk16 Oct. 09 04:12

Delta Air Lines sued over alleged e-mail hacking

Delta Air Lines is being sued for allegedly hacking the e-mail account of a passenger rights advocate supporting legislation that would allow access to food, water and toilets during long delays on the tarmac.

Written by Jeremy Kirk15 Oct. 09 01:44

Online banking fraud in the UK hits a new high

Online banking fraud in the U.K. has risen to the highest level in at least three years while card-related losses fell in most categories, according to industry figures released Wednesday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk08 Oct. 09 01:22

Adobe, Google sued by Textscape over patents

Google and Adobe Systems have been sued by a New Jersey company for allegedly violating patents used for processing text, according to recent court filings.

Written by Jeremy Kirk02 Oct. 09 22:38

UK High Court serves injunction over Twitter

For the first time, a U.K. court delivered an injunction over Twitter on Thursday, a groundbreaking embrace of technology by a traditionally slow-moving legal system.

Written by Jeremy Kirk02 Oct. 09 20:55

Web gurus reveal how to attract and keep users

Anyone who is building a Web-based community, whether it be a social network or other application, faces the same initial hurdle as sites such as Digg did: getting those first few regular users can be quite difficult.

Written by Jeremy Kirk02 Oct. 09 07:12

Microsoft wins appeal in Uniloc patent case

Microsoft will not have to pay $388 million to a security software company for infringing on a patent, U.S. District Judge William Smith ruled Tuesday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk01 Oct. 09 07:41

Android modder attempts to outmaneuver Google

The creator of a popular souped-up version of Android thinks he's found a way to avoid a further tussle with Google over distribution of the company's mobile applications.

Written by Jeremy Kirk30 Sept. 09 05:54