Stories by Jeremy Kirk

Spammer ordered to pay Facebook $711 million

Facebook was awarded US$711 million in damages from a convicted spammer on Thursday, but the social networking site is hoping a separate criminal action will eventually send him to jail.

Written by Jeremy Kirk04 Nov. 09 17:26

Software shields online banking on infected PCs

A U.K. security company is giving to banks, for free, security software that it says can block malicious software from manipulating online banking transactions or stealing data, even if the computer is infected.

Written by Jeremy Kirk04 Nov. 09 08:49

ICANN approves internationalized domain names

Starting in mid-November, countries and territories will be able to apply to show domain names in their native language, a major technical tweak to the Internet designed to increase language accessibility.

Written by Jeremy Kirk30 Oct. 09 22:23

Europe moving slow on IPv6 deployment

Few organizations across Europe have upgraded to IPv6, the new version of the Internet's addressing protocol, according to a survey commissioned by the European Commission.

Written by Jeremy Kirk30 Oct. 09 09:29

Wikia turns a small profit on advertising

Wikia, the for-profit company built on user-contributed content, turned a small profit last quarter for the first time, said co-founder Jimmy Wales on Tuesday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk28 Oct. 09 06:19

Wikipedia edit system should be in place by year's end

The English-language Wikipedia should have a system in place by December to vet anonymous edits for certain high-profile entries, according to the online encyclopedia's founder.

Written by Jeremy Kirk28 Oct. 09 07:53

Mozilla releases Raindrop, a prototype messaging tool

Mozilla has launched a software project designed to let people better manage the ever more voluminous stream of messages coming from sources such as Twitter and Facebook into their e-mail.

Written by Jeremy Kirk24 Oct. 09 00:40

Botnets contributing more than ever to click fraud

Networks of hacked computers are being used more than ever to click on advertisements, a scam known as click fraud that cheats search engines, publishers and ad networks out of revenue.

Written by Jeremy Kirk23 Oct. 09 04:25

Experts see forecast worsen for cybercrime

Law enforcement agencies can count a few recent victories against cybercriminals, but agents say the battle against them isn't getting any easier.

Written by Jeremy Kirk22 Oct. 09 08:25