Stories by Jeremy Kirk

Google slammed with antitrust complaints in Germany

Germany's antitrust authority is awaiting a response from Google on three separate complaints filed recently, although the agency said no action is likely for some time.

Written by Jeremy Kirk20 Jan. 10 06:36

Skype fixes bugs in upgraded iPhone application

Skype has released the latest version of its application for the iPhone, adding new features and fixing a couple of annoying bugs that hung up calls.

Written by Jeremy Kirk19 Jan. 10 06:44

D-Link issues fixes for router vulnerabilities

Router manufacturer D-Link admitted Friday that some of its routers have a vulnerability that could allow hackers access to a device's administrative settings, but it has issued patches.

Written by Jeremy Kirk16 Jan. 10 03:28

Google blames 'human error' for data leak

Google is apologizing after it mistakenly e-mailed potentially sensitive business data last week to other users of its business listings service.

Written by Jeremy Kirk13 Jan. 10 01:12

Symantec product hits end-of-decade snafu

Symantec is warning that its Endpoint Protection Manager server product is erroneously marking signature updates issued this year as out of date.

Written by Jeremy Kirk06 Jan. 10 01:35

Microsoft, Google unveil climate change Web apps

Microsoft and Google have built Web applications designed to highlight environmental problems coinciding with the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen that run through Friday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk15 Dec. 09 07:48

US DOJ lets Microsoft resume collecting protocol royalties

Microsoft may begin collecting royalties again for licensing some protocols because clear technical documentation is now available, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) said on Tuesday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk10 Dec. 09 07:35

Company sued by Google had a profitable year

Pacific WebWorks has had a very profitable year despite a raft of complaints from its customers, a class action suit filed against it in Illinois and now a civil suit from Google filed on Monday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk09 Dec. 09 09:24

Google sues over work-at-home schemes

Google filed a lawsuit Monday against a U.S. company it alleges runs work-at-home scams that unnecessarily charge people's credit cards and spoof Google's brand name.

Written by Jeremy Kirk09 Dec. 09 06:25

Google goes with HTML5 over Gears

Google will end Gears, an open-source plug-in project it launched two years ago to allow Web applications to function even when a computer isn't connected to the Internet, according to a statement from the company.

Written by Jeremy Kirk04 Dec. 09 07:33

Google tweaks News indexing to placate publishers

Google said Tuesday it is changing how it grants access to news stories through its search engine to give publishers more control over how much content people can see for free.

Written by Jeremy Kirk03 Dec. 09 07:44

Facebook kills regional networks in privacy revamp

Facebook will soon make major changes to the social-networking site's privacy settings as it tries to make it easier for users to know what personal information and photographs they're sharing.

Written by Jeremy Kirk03 Dec. 09 07:04