Stories by Jeremy Kirk

SafeNet looks to secure data in the cloud

Encryption vendor SafeNet is now offering technologies that help enterprises securely store and access information held in third-party data centers.

Written by Jeremy Kirk04 March 10 01:23

CEBIT: Cisco develops VPN client for PCs, smartphones

Cisco Systems will soon release a VPN client for smartphones and PCs aimed at enterprise administrators who want to provide secure access to their networks and ward off malicious software.

Written by Jeremy Kirk03 March 10 00:16

UK registry to implement DNS security protocol

Nominet, the U.K.'s domain name registry, will begin implementing a security protocol on Monday designed to protect the DNS (Domain Name System).

Written by Jeremy Kirk01 March 10 03:34

IBM: Vulnerabilities fell in 2009, but other risks abound

The number of software vulnerabilities fell overall in 2009, but the number of bugs in document readers and multimedia applications increased by 50 percent, according to IBM's annual X-Force Trend and Risk Report.

Written by Jeremy Kirk26 Feb. 10 08:08

UBS to deploy IBM secure banking USB device

Banking giant UBS has started deploying a device from IBM that ensures online banking transactions aren't being interfered with by hackers.

Written by Jeremy Kirk23 Feb. 10 03:53

OpenOffice 3.2 fixes several vulnerabilities

The latest version of OpenOffice fixes several vulnerabilities that could cause a computer to become compromised by a remote attacker.

Written by Jeremy Kirk18 Feb. 10 04:27

HP opens first ever wind-cooled data center

From the outside, Hewlett-Packard's newest data center looks like a massive, well-secured loading dock, devoid of logos and surrounded by a robust barbed-wired fence in a nondescript industrial park.

Written by Jeremy Kirk11 Feb. 10 01:24

EFF: Browsers can leave a unique trail on the Web

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has created an on-line tool that details the wealth of information a Web browser reveals, which can pose privacy concerns when used to profile users.

Written by Jeremy Kirk01 Feb. 10 08:46

Researcher to reveal more Internet Explorer problems

Microsoft's Internet Explorer could inadvertently allow a hacker to read files on a person's computer, another problem for the company just days after a serious vulnerability received an emergency patch.

Written by Jeremy Kirk26 Jan. 10 04:57

Gartner predicts modest overall growth in IT spending

Gartner has revised its outlook for worldwide IT spending this year, predicting the industry as a whole will see 4.6 percent growth to $3.4 trillion, up from its previous prediction of 3.3 percent growth, according to its latest figures released Thursday.

Written by Jeremy Kirk22 Jan. 10 06:45