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IT Governance 101: An Executive Guide to IT Governance

Solid IT governance — from regulatory compliance to financial and technological accountability — ensures that companies achieve their strategies and goals.

Written by Karen D. Schwartz20 Nov. 08 17:14

Balanced Scorecard 101: An Executive Guide to Balanced Scorecard

Most organisations can benefit from a balanced scorecard approach, which can raise the profile of key projects, increase functionality, and predict future performance — and it often leads to greater financial return.

Written by Karen D. Schwartz20 Nov. 08 16:10

Network Management: Tips for Managing Costs

Of all of the ongoing expenses needed to keep corporate IT running, network-related costs are perhaps the most unwieldy. New technologies, changing requirements and ongoing equipment maintenance and upgrades keep IT staff on their toes and money flowing out the door. But there are ways to manage network costs.

Written by Karen D. Schwartz22 Sept. 08 10:55

Network Access Control: Deploy Now or Wait?

Network Access Control (NAC) sounds like something of a panacea: technology that can not only authenticate who is using your company's network, but also ensure that users' methods of access are virus-free and fully comply with your company's corporate security policies. And NAC has been getting a lot of press lately-proponents tout its ability to keep corporate networks clean and healthy in ways that technologies of the past couldn't.

Written by Karen D. Schwartz25 Aug. 08 15:30

Calling Mars

Government scientists aim to build an Internet to the planets.

Written by Karen D. Schwartz16 Feb. 01 13:29

The Pressure Is On

In this article, readers will;
See how customer service needs prompt IT moves
Learn about Internet-based bids to enter a highly fractious and regulated market
Observe how industry flux forces players to alter IT strategies

Written by Karen D. Schwartz24 Nov. 00 11:32