Stories by Gary Abramson

Chain Safety

Ten precautions to heed when refining your supply chain

Written by Gary Abramson03 Nov. 99 12:41

Invest in People

Workers in the 21st century will want more than enticing pay and benefits. These four companies can give it to them.

Written by Gary Abramson07 Sept. 99 09:55

Seen the Light?

It seems a simple proposition: deploy the latest technology to capture more information about customers, and then use that information to serve them in an individualised way that will earn their loyalty.

Written by Gary Abramson11 Aug. 99 10:17

Recycle Here

Innovation is essential but will only get you so far. Companies that struggle to come up with new ideas for products and services but then rest on their laurels once these products succeed are not fully meeting their strategic challenge.

Written by Gary Abramson26 May 99 13:02

Wiring the Corporate Brain

Novartis ventures a new strategy for sharing ideas and innovation across a global enterprise.

Written by Gary Abramson22 March 99 11:37

From the Ashes

Sometimes the mark of a great company is how it bounces back from defeat.

Written by Gary Abramson08 March 99 12:14

The Thrill of the Hunt

Whether their market is the Midwest or the Middle East, CEOs and other executives must keep up with a daunting range of business issues that multiply as the world economy becomes ever more interconnected. The next critical piece of information could take any form-an evolving social trend affecting customer preferences, a new management practice, a nascent technology or a political or economic development in a remote manufacturing location.

Written by Gary Abramson15 Feb. 99 11:21

TRENDLINES -- Why IT Changes Everything

Forward-looking professors at Georgia Tech hold forth in a round table discussion on how IT and the Information Revolution are changing the way the business world works.

Written by Gary Abramson16 Nov. 98 18:41

MANAGING -- Their Pain, Your Gain

From missteps to major debacles, problematic IT projects yield lessons for best practices in working with consultants.

Written by Gary Abramson09 Nov. 98 10:06