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Businesses Experimenting with Virtual Worlds

Although virtual environments are still at an early stage in development and adoption, many companies are already dabbling in one or more virtual worlds or closely observing them prior to getting their feet wet.

Written by China Martens19 June 07 11:33

GPLv3 third draft: Linus likes it, ACT hates it

Initial reactions to the latest proposed draft of a popular license for free and open-source software (FOSS) have been wide-ranging, with the changes winning some kind words from the creator of Linux and a critical bashing from an industry association.

Written by China Martens29 March 07 13:14

U.S. military to test IBM's translation in Iraq

The U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) will deploy IBM's speech-to-speech translation software to help U.S. forces serving in Iraq better communicate with local security forces and Iraqi citizens.

Written by China Martens13 Oct. 06 09:24

Oracle unveils Linux system recommendations

To lower support costs and make customers feel more comfortable with open-source software, Oracle announced a new program Monday to let its users know which Linux system configurations the vendor has pretested.

Written by China Martens13 June 06 08:18

New OpenDocument alliance could've helped MA CIO

A group of more than 35 U.S. and international IT vendors, organizations, academic institutions and industry bodies is due to announce the formation of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) Alliance Friday.

Written by China Martens06 March 06 10:16

US DHS funds security for open source

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded a US$1.24 million three-year grant to Stanford University and software vendors Coverity and Symantec. The grant will fund daily security audits and analysis of more than 40 open-source projects including Apache, Linux, Mozilla, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Written by China Martens12 Jan. 06 08:13