Stories by Beth Stackpole

The No. 1 small place to work in IT: Noah Consulting

Noah Consulting had a couple of hurdles to clear on its way to becoming the No. 1 small place to work in IT: It's an all-virtual company with employees scattered across the country, in a field that's synonymous with long hours and cutthroat competition among co-workers.

Written by Beth Stackpole24 June 14 00:23

The 'always-on' IT culture: Get used to it

Thanks to factors ranging from BYOD and flexible work arrangements to the global economy, a broad range of IT roles demand around-the-clock accessibility. IT professionals say it's part of the territory and are devising strategies to cope.

Written by Beth Stackpole07 April 14 20:37

Ambitious IT pros seek COO role

Cynthia Hamburger spent years climbing the corporate IT ladder, including a stint as a CIO at Dun & Bradstreet, yet when she was offered the CIO post at Learning Ally, she politely declined.

Written by Beth Stackpole18 March 14 13:56

In pictures: 10 trends in IT spending for 2014

After years of maintenance-only spending, IT leaders are ready to invest. Find out which technologies - and which IT professionals - are pulling down the dough.

Written by Beth Stackpole24 Jan. 14 08:42

4 ideas to steal from IT upstarts

Fast-growing companies like Square and MongoDB are driving IT innovation with leaner staffs, cloud-first computing, self-service everything and CTOs rather than CIOs.

Written by Beth Stackpole12 Dec. 13 11:45

How 4 companies use mobile apps to court customers

You don't have to look far to witness the total domination of the mobile device. Whether on the commuter rail or at the soccer field, cruising the mall or navigating a bustling city street, consumers are wedded to their smartphones and tablets to conduct the business of both their personal and professional lives.

Written by Beth Stackpole28 Oct. 13 14:42

How to keep your new IT hires from jumping ship

With IT talent hard to find and expensive to replace, smart companies are developing IT-specific onboarding programs to attract and retain top tech employees.

Written by Beth Stackpole21 Oct. 13 10:04

Tech careers: 3 ways to catch the wave

For years, Nick Brattoli had what some would consider an enviable IT job: It was steady, wide-ranging and at times, downright cushy. Working for a nonprofit mental health care organization as a Web and SharePoint specialist, Brattoli helped build the corporate intranet, trained employees and tended to traditional hardware and network support. He was reasonably paid and had ample vacation time. And the work came in fits and starts, so there was plenty of downtime.

Written by Beth Stackpole08 April 13 15:20

Bye bye, corporate phone

Once a status symbol and a perk, the subsidized corporate phone is being phased out as users demand their own devices - and are willing to pay for the privilege.

Written by Beth Stackpole02 July 12 10:50

Turning Long Demands Into a Short List

As the top IT executive at Aspen Skiing for the past 16 years, Paul Major has become skilled at keeping multiple balls in the air.

Written by Beth Stackpole07 May 12 23:36