Stories by Beth Stackpole

Why (and when) outsourcing security makes sense

Offloading security strategy and day-to-day operations to a managed security service provider can free up IT resources. But be prepared: It’s not an entirely hands-off proposition.

Written by Beth Stackpole21 Sept. 16 20:42

How flexible should your infosec model be?

Organizations need to stay on top of a fast-shifting threat landscape by updating their security policies -- without badgering users into a state of noncompliance.

Written by Beth Stackpole21 Sept. 16 20:30

How gender differences can make your company stronger

Leading companies are applying gender intelligence practices to boost diversity in their technology ranks and to capitalize on different perspectives of men and women for competitive advantage.

Written by Beth Stackpole08 May 16 00:12

How CIOs can create the voice of IT

EMC recently experienced a minor internal data center outage that could have been a major problem. The episode, a result of a lightening strike, would typically send users pointing fingers at IT, which while quick to solve problems, was not always adept at communicating its plan.

Written by Beth Stackpole13 July 15 23:35

Budding role of IT communications director helps IT deliver its message

Like any marketing/communications professional, Glaston Ford is a master juggler who can keep a lot of balls in the air at once. Editing corporate strategy decks, pulling together email campaigns, coordinating a social presence and posting blogs to the corporate portal -- he might do any of those things and more in a day's work at <a href="">Applied Materials</a>.

Written by Beth Stackpole06 July 15 20:06

The No. 1 large place to work in IT: Quicken Loans

Ask Bobby Martin what he likes best about working for Quicken Loans when he's front and center at a Detroit Red Wings hockey game, and he'd be hard-pressed not to name the scores of free tickets available to any employee.

Written by Beth Stackpole22 June 15 23:37

IT careers: Security talent is red-hot

From the time he was 9, Daniel Kowalski, now 23, knew cybersecurity was going to be his thing. Captivated by the stealth work of hackers in commercials and in his favorite movie, Live Free or Die Hard, Kowalski nurtured his fascination with security from a young age, pursuing multiple IT and security certifications during high school and earning a degree in computer criminology at Florida State University.

Written by Beth Stackpole28 April 15 00:37

IT puts millennials to work - as mentors

As CIO of General Electric's Digital Energy division, Venki Rao has invested a fair amount of time identifying and developing IT talent. But four years ago, during a boot camp kicking off GE's companywide IT Leadership Program (ITLP) for college recruits, Rao quickly realized the learning opportunity had become a two-way street.

Written by Beth Stackpole20 Aug. 14 05:07

The No. 1 small place to work in IT: Noah Consulting

Noah Consulting had a couple of hurdles to clear on its way to becoming the No. 1 small place to work in IT: It's an all-virtual company with employees scattered across the country, in a field that's synonymous with long hours and cutthroat competition among co-workers.

Written by Beth Stackpole24 June 14 00:23

The 'always-on' IT culture: Get used to it

Thanks to factors ranging from BYOD and flexible work arrangements to the global economy, a broad range of IT roles demand around-the-clock accessibility. IT professionals say it's part of the territory and are devising strategies to cope.

Written by Beth Stackpole07 April 14 20:37

Ambitious IT pros seek COO role

Cynthia Hamburger spent years climbing the corporate IT ladder, including a stint as a CIO at Dun & Bradstreet, yet when she was offered the CIO post at Learning Ally, she politely declined.

Written by Beth Stackpole18 March 14 13:56

In pictures: 10 trends in IT spending for 2014

After years of maintenance-only spending, IT leaders are ready to invest. Find out which technologies - and which IT professionals - are pulling down the dough.

Written by Beth Stackpole24 Jan. 14 08:42