Stories by Patricia Brown

Federated Cloud strategies: What CIOs need to know

In many ways the concept of federated cloud is ironic. Cloud computing rapidly gained traction because of its ability to manage the complexity of multiple legacy environments while consolidating infrastructure. But as organizations move forward with various cloud initiatives, many CIOs are now wrestling a sprawl of clouds that seems to be spinning out of control.

Written by Patricia Brown12 Nov. 11 05:27

Cloud growth prompts shift in enterprise security strategies

What a different global economy this would be if it were only a little bit more like the cloud. As the financial markets go through their bipolar mood swings with every wrenching headline, the market for cloud services has marched steadily upward and onward, seemingly unfazed by the concerns of the non-virtual world.

Written by Patricia Brown23 Aug. 11 02:22

5 keys to virtualization in a global environment

CIOs have clearly latched on to the cost savings inherent in server virtualization projects, with Gartner estimating that more than 80 per cent of enterprises now have a virtualization program or project in place. But those CIOs tasked with managing virtual servers across a global environment have to clear some hurdles to effectively optimize their infrastructure.

Written by Patricia Brown21 July 11 06:06