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Blog: For Downsized IT Veterans -- The Internet and Computers Everywhere -- Except for Older Seniors

This MarketWatch article (placed by Banker's Life Insurance, no less) caught my eye: Seniors: Overcoming Loneliness. The article encouraged seniors to visit their local senior center: "If it's too cold or difficult for you to get out, stay connected to others by phone, mail or computer. The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project surveys taken from 2006-2008 show that older generations are online now more than ever before with email being their most popular online activity."

Written by Laurie M. Orlov27 Feb. 09 11:51

Blog: 5 Requests to Make to Your CEO Now

The sky of IT certainly seems to be falling, depending on who you read. But this is the best of times for CIOs to sit down with their CEO and ask for help.

Written by Laurie M. Orlov19 Sept. 08 10:29

Blog: Enterprise Architecture -- One Page Simple?

It can't be a coincidence that two consulting partners I interviewed recently were both sharply critical of the last few years of IT efforts at 'alignment'. They argued that too often many CIOs mollified complaining business units who whined that IT was too slow and too rigid -- so they really need their own apps and infrastructure. Whoops. This resulted in a swing to such extreme business unit autonomy that companies began choking on proliferating apps and redundant infrastructure.

Written by Laurie M. Orlov12 Sept. 08 12:34

Blog: CEOs Shape IT Archetype

CIOs being fired -- this always gets my attention (along with the ever-compelling "Five Things You Must Do..." titles of course).

Written by Laurie M. Orlov15 Aug. 08 14:41

Blog: Sleeping Executives Make IT Projects Fail

Consider this. Big projects (a year or more) are unhealthy for CIOs. By the time they're done and the business execs see the result, these snoozing sponsors discover it wasn't what they wanted.

Written by Laurie M. Orlov22 July 08 13:58

Blog: Split the CIO Role Into Two

Walter Mossberg (Wall Street Journal) thinks IT organizations are regressive and poisonous because their policies get in the way of individuals using what they want.And Rudy Puryear of Bain thinks the CIO job is really two jobs, internally focused and externally focused. Maybe he is right, but for other reasons. Consider:

Written by Laurie M. Orlov01 July 08 14:28