Stories by Sandra Rossi

No deals required for Telstra sell off

It's official. The Federal Government has secured the final seat in the senate which means it can move ahead with the full sale of Telstra and amend unfair dismissal laws without having to do deals with the minor parties.

Written by Sandra Rossi29 Oct. 04 10:27

Telstra sale two years away

The sale of Telstra is still at least two years away and will not happen until 2006, according to Communications Minister Helen Coonan.

Written by Sandra Rossi18 Oct. 04 12:21

Senate report criticises Australia's broadband network

A Senate committee report on competition in high-speed Internet services has criticised the poor state of Australia's broadband network.
The Senate Broadband Inquiry Report said the copper network is at the end of its life and the government had done little to ensure Australia had a state of the art broadband network.

Written by Sandra Rossi11 Aug. 04 08:18

New IT Minister starts with clear mind

The newly appointed IT and Communications Minister Helen Coonan plans to undertake widespread consultation with industry before making any firm policy decisions.

Written by Sandra Rossi16 July 04 08:10

Gates touts licensing's economy, R&D

There are very few topics Microsoft chairman Bill Gates didn't address during his media briefing in Sydney this morning from the "low cost" of Microsoft licensing to the "poor value proposition" of open source, and Apple's "diminishing" market share.

Written by Sandra Rossi28 June 04 12:30

Telstra sale pushed back to 2006/07

The sale of Telstra will not proceed until the 2006/07 financial year, according to federal Budget papers released this week.

Written by Sandra Rossi13 May 04 09:54

Privatization the solution to Telstra price hike: PM

While the Labor Party was busy criticizing Telstra for its forthcoming price hike on line rental fees, the Prime Minister John Howard used the increase to again argue for the telco's full privatization.

Written by Sandra Rossi30 April 04 14:26

Tassie police turn up the heat with forensic databases

One state that is using technology to get an edge on the fight against crime is the Tasmanian Department of Police and Public Safety which is using a home-grown solution to analyse crime scene information.

Written by Sandra Rossi15 April 04 08:44

Unions, Labor support offshoring legislation

Australian unions and the Labor Opposition have signalled their support for US-style legislation that penalises companies that engage in offshore outsourcing.

Written by Sandra Rossi11 March 04 08:45

Privacy Commission urges employee records review

Federal Privacy Commissioner Malcolm Crompton has released a discussion paper on information privacy and employee records that will have widespread implications for the IT department.

Written by Sandra Rossi24 Feb. 04 13:20

Microsoft a bit player in public sector: Vamos

A little bewildered by Australia's public sector charge toward Linux, Microsoft claims misguided 'perceptions' and 'misinformation' has derailed the IT purchasing debate.

Written by Sandra Rossi26 Feb. 04 08:00