Stories by Sandra Rossi

Government embracing biometrics to battle fraud

The Australian government is moving towards greater use of biometrics to prevent identity theft which costs $1.1 billion annually, the federal Attorney General Philip Ruddock said today.

Written by Sandra Rossi09 June 06 12:49

CSC for sale - part of services consolidation trend

An increasingly tough IT services market has forced CSC to raise a 'for sale' sign with Gartner claiming the move is part of a broader consolidation trend impacting the Australian market.

Written by Sandra Rossi01 May 06 15:44

Labor to block inappropriate ISP traffic

Labor announced on Tuesday it will force Internet service providers (ISPs) to block violent and pornographic material.

Written by Sandra Rossi21 March 06 16:06

IT puts its house in order, for business' sake

As IT executives seek to transform their operations into true, corporate assets that can help grow the business at their companies, many are finding that first they must impose much tighter controls over their often vast and unwieldy portfolios of technology projects.

Written by Sandra Rossi27 March 06 06:52

Police take on bad boy role in WA's shared services plan

The Western Australian government's ambitious shared-services plan to standardize more than 100 agencies on the Oracle platform has hit a snag with the Police Department stubbornly refusing to make the transition by sticking with SAP software.

Written by Sandra Rossi03 Feb. 06 13:36

New open source foundation forms

A new open source group, the Annodex Foundation, will be launched at the Australian Linux Conference being held in New Zealand this week.

Written by Sandra Rossi27 Jan. 06 09:56

Regulatory compliance a CIO priority in 2006

Australian CIOs have rated regulatory compliance a New Year priority with organizations keen to leverage standards in a bid to gain competitive advantage.

Written by Sandra Rossi17 Jan. 06 11:28

Freight forwarders seek compensation for failed system

The Customs Brokers & Forwarders Council of Australia is seeking tens of millions of dollars in compensation for the bungled introduction of a new computer system at major ports.

Written by Sandra Rossi07 Dec. 05 10:15

IT Services Watch

Once upon a time it was the three letter acronyms, most notably CSC, EDS and IBM, that dominated Australia's IT services landscape.

Written by Sandra Rossi06 Dec. 05 08:00

SA's IT chief revises contract deadline

The process of retendering $1 billion worth of IT contracts by the South Australian government may not reach completion until early 2007.

Written by Sandra Rossi22 Nov. 05 08:18

Siemens wins federal government IP contract

The Federal Department of Finance and Administration (DOFA) today inked a $1.8 million contract with Siemens to upgrade its communications network across four sites in Canberra.

Written by Sandra Rossi21 Nov. 05 16:00

Feds sign 11 per cent more ICT deals

The federal government last year awarded more than $3 billion in ICT contracts, an increase of 11 percent, according to recent research.

Written by Sandra Rossi03 Nov. 05 07:47

Tenders announced for WA government's shared services plan

Local IT company ASG Group has joined forces with the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to be appointed preferred tenderer to supply hardware and services to the Western Australian government under its shared services plan.

Written by Sandra Rossi13 Oct. 05 07:55