Stories by Sandra Rossi

New Tree for Every Phone Handed In for Recycling

The official recycling program of Australia's mobile phone industry, MobileMuster, has launched a new environmental campaign in partnership with Landcare Australia.

Written by Sandra Rossi30 May 07 14:37

CIOs claim Gartner closure reflects badly on local market

While some Australian CIOs today expressed alarm at the closure of Gartner's consulting services, others said it may have something to do with the analyst firm's "expensive pricing".

Written by Sandra Rossi17 May 07 11:07

Kitty Bare for ICT in Current Federal Budget

While there was plenty of cash handouts for everyone from the elderly to apprentices in the federal budget, there was very little in the way of new money for ICT.

Written by Sandra Rossi15 May 07 12:12

Top Six Time-Wasting Practices CIOs Should Avoid

Research firm Gartner has released a 'hit list' which identifies six time-wasting practices that CIOs should avoid to maintain a focus on key priorities that maximize value to the business.

Written by Sandra Rossi01 May 07 15:38

'Green' Plan Turns Waste Into Dollars

Australians use 18 million printer consumables each year with the bulk of these inkjet cartridges and toners ending up as hazardous landfill. But an innovative Melbourne-based organization is turning this waste into viable products, transforming an environmental program into a serious business proposition.

Written by Sandra Rossi24 April 07 15:46

Business Backs Carbon Emissions Scheme

The Business Council of Australia (BCA) has called on the federal government to set targets for Australia to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Written by Sandra Rossi05 April 07 10:07

Is it possible to ROI a project to death?

Despite perceptions that IT projects today are "ROI'd to death", organizations are still struggling to control demand for IT services and allocate scarce resources to where they are of most value.

Written by Sandra Rossi27 March 07 17:53

EMC's Tucci admits overpaying for RSA

EMC CEO Joe Tucci Friday said he pleads guilty to "some overpayment" in the company's US$2.1 billion acquisition of RSA Security last year. Responding to analysts claims the acquisition was over-priced, Tucci said he is confident these same market analysts will change their tune in the future.

Written by Sandra Rossi27 March 07 17:18

Unisys wins DIMIA and defence contracts

Unisys has signed a four-year, $A140 million contract with the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) to provide a range of outsourced desktop services. The announcement comes a day after the Australian Department of Defence began negotiations with Unisys for a five year contract to provide IT support services to 460 defence bases across Australia.

Written by Sandra Rossi23 Jan. 07 10:51

A techie's journey from the back room to the boardroom

To make the journey from the back room to the boardroom, Commonwealth Bank CEO Ralph Norris yesterday said he had to become a salesman, one that not only sold the benefits of technology but enabled successful implementations.

Written by Sandra Rossi06 Dec. 06 18:16

Lack of awareness stalling SOA uptake in Asia

Despite all the hype surrounding service oriented architecture (SOA), Australian IT executives are still grappling with this new concept and struggling to understand how it fits within their enterprise.

Written by Sandra Rossi05 Sept. 06 08:14

Agencies not clear about ICT procurement plans

Suppliers will have a tough time meeting the federal government's ICT needs in the 2006-07 financial year, because not all agencies are forthcoming with procurement plans, according to market researcher Intermedium.

Written by Sandra Rossi05 July 06 08:00