Stories by Sandra Rossi

NICTA showcases top projects at opening of ACT lab

Opening its new Canberra laboratory yesterday, NICTA showcased a range of projects including the creation of intelligent devices with the ability to learn.

Written by Sandra Rossi13 Dec. 07 08:31

WA Education inks contract for SMS suite

MGM Wireless has signed a $960,000 contract with the Western Australia Department of Education and Training to supply its messageyou software suite to the state's schools.

Written by Sandra Rossi03 Oct. 07 15:52

City council implements virtual SAN for data protection

Melbourne-based Kingston City Council has virtualised its storage environment with high-availability data protection and off-site disaster recoverywhich integrates seamlessly with its VMWare server environment.

Written by Sandra Rossi20 Sept. 07 10:53

Traditional IT department to disappear in radical five year transition

The IT department as we know it, will no longer exist after 2012. Not only will there be a radical shift in skill sets but the traditional IT shop is likely to have a different name with IT managers even sporting new titles like innovation manager or director of processes.

Written by Sandra Rossi28 Aug. 07 13:11

Democrats introduce data security breach bill to parliament

South Australian Democrats Senator, Natasha Stott Despoja, today introduced a private Bill to parliament seeking the introduction of laws which force businesses to notify consumers of a data security breach involving their personal information.

Written by Sandra Rossi16 Aug. 07 11:24

ICT industry support Victorian government reshuffle

Following the surprise resignation of Victorian Premier, Steve Brack, the ICT industry has welcomed this week's Cabinet reshuffle with Theo Theophanous taking on the role of ICT Minister.

Written by Sandra Rossi03 Aug. 07 15:43

CEOs claim company culture is linked to performance

Just a few short years ago, CSC Australia chief Mike Shove thought he had to play the role of tough guy to deal with financial pressure the organization was facing in a highly competitive outsourcing market.

Written by Sandra Rossi02 Aug. 07 15:57

MIT director on how to stimulate business innovation

Australia needs to accelerate its rate of creative innovation to maintain current levels of economic growth and development, according to Michael Schrage, co-director of the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Written by Sandra Rossi22 June 07 11:07

Everitt to head NICTA's new laboratory in Canberra

Australia's Centre of Excellence in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research, NICTA, has appointed Dr David Everitt, to head up its Canberra Research Laboratory.

Written by Sandra Rossi10 July 07 14:33