Stories by Mike Bucken

Tip of the Hat: A solution to the FCC net neutrality problem

Last month's leaking of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plan for new net neutrality rules promptly elicited a firestorm of criticism from all sides of the political spectrum for its inclusion of two words -- "commercially reasonable."

Written by Mike Bucken10 May 14 06:24

Tip of the Hat: Heartbleed exposes an open source failing

Computerworld offers a Tip of the Hat to The Register's Chris Williams for his insights on how a lack of oversight of open source technologies contributed to to the creation -- and the two-year spread -- of the Heartbleed bug.

Written by Mike Bucken12 April 14 03:40

Tip of the Hat: What the Heartbleed bug means for you

Computerworld offers a Tip of the Hat to Shane Dingman of the Toronto Globe and Mail for an easy-to-understand look at the Heartbleed security bug -- what happened, what key websites are among the hundreds of thousands affected, and whether users can do anything at this point.

Written by Mike Bucken10 April 14 06:28

Tip of the Hat: Facebook's Oculus buy a smart move

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced a lot of criticism last week when his company agreed to pay $2 billion for a startup still building its first product, the Rift virtual reality headset.

Written by Mike Bucken01 April 14 05:04

Tip of the Hat: Facebook blocks NSA spies -- for now

In the wake of revelations exposed in classified National Security Agency documents leaked to reporters by Edward Snowden, Facebook must show its users that their data is safe from the prying eyes of government spies.

Written by Mike Bucken19 March 14 17:58

Tip of the Hat: Data doomsday is coming

As corporate stockpiles of data continue to grow, mostly unmanaged, to massive levels, it's increasingly likely that many major organizations will face a crisis very soon.

Written by Mike Bucken07 March 14 20:49

Tip of The Hat: Unraveling IBM's cloud plan

A Tip of the Hat to ZDNet's Larry Dignan for his incisive look at the state of IBM's cloud strategy after the unveiling of the BlueMix open cloud platform.

Written by Mike Bucken06 March 14 20:03