Stories by Chris Andrews

How IT sourcing pros can do better on emerging technology

As the latest technologies are incorporated into the business process, organisations will naturally become more comfortable when working with third-party technology vendors. This means the ability to identify, select, and manage the right technology vendor can make the difference between the success and failure of a new business initiative. But, while many sourcing and vendor management (SVM) professionals are starting to play an increasingly important role in this emerging technology evaluation process, many of Forrester's sourcing clients explain that their involvement is not always clearly defined, resulting in a more reactive and makeshift role than they would like.

Written by Chris Andrews27 Jan. 11 03:41

How sourcing pros can improve social technology plans

It's no surprise that enterprise use of social technologies continues to grow rapidly. In fact, Recent Forrester data confirms what many business professionals already suspect: 32 per cent of organization are now supporting social networking sites, and 28 per cent of enterprise IT decision-makers use collaboration platforms for Web 2.0 functionality. But even as social in the enterprise grows, far too many sourcing professionals seem content to sit on the sidelines-letting individual social technology adoption grow organically within the company, showing minimal regard for long-term sourcing considerations.

Written by Chris Andrews20 Oct. 10 00:36

3 Ways Sourcing Pros Can Serve An Innovation Agenda

As the economic downturn begins to loosen its grip, many organizations are moving away from cost cutting and toward innovation and growth. The CEOs behind these strategic decisions recognize that in a business environment characterized by higher levels of uncertainty and risk, the ability to generate and sustain innovation programs will be a crucial element of long-term differentiation and growth. Despite this executive-level focus, however, Forrester has found that corporate leadership often lacks the strategy and tools to support a comprehensive innovation agenda.

Written by Chris Andrews12 Aug. 10 03:58