Stories by Jennifer Bresnahan

Choose your Poison

Should you patent your business processes or keep them secret? Both paths are fraught with peril

Written by Jennifer Bresnahan17 April 00 09:09

Improving the Odds

Marketing and IS at last join forces to seek the jackpot of customer intimacy. READ THIS ARTICLE to learn - How marketing can partner with IS to achieve customer intimacy - New marketing applications for data warehousing and the Internet - Which tools can increase marketing's internal effectiveness

Written by Jennifer Bresnahan15 Dec. 98 12:25

TRENDLINES:The Latest in Suits

The explosive growth of the IT consulting industry presents new opportunities and new challenges for companies. Here are some of the major trands to look for from those sagacious suit-wearing, jargon-talking business fixers.

Written by Jennifer Bresnahan09 Nov. 98 13:05