Stories by Elisabeth Horwitt

Social media e-discovery: Crucial, even in its infancy

Tools are the least of your worries. Federal and other regulations, and internal policies, must be addressed before you buy anything to help automate the situation.

Written by Elisabeth Horwitt02 Oct. 12 13:13

Busting down the info silos

Savvy business leaders are starting to recognize the paybacks of helping all their business groups work from the same data.

Written by Elisabeth Horwitt07 June 12 10:57

The value of VOC systems

About 20 months ago, Charming Shoppes launched a customer insights project to "deliver actionable customer and market research and analysis to the business," says Jeffrey Liss, who headed up the initiative. Liss is now senior vice president of corporate strategy at the plus-size women's clothing retailer, which includes Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug and Catherines stores.

Written by Elisabeth Horwitt12 Oct. 11 03:53

Catching up with mobile security threats

Development of enterprise mobile apps has been moving more slowly than development of consumer-facing apps, according to Gartner. One main reason is IT leaders' concerns about the security of mobile devices, which are often employees' personal devices, and are vulnerable to being lost, hacked or stolen. While there are plenty of established tools and practices for keeping Web visitors from straying (or hacking) into sensitive corporate data, managing security across a diverse set of mobile devices remains a challenge, IT experts say.

Written by Elisabeth Horwitt29 Sept. 11 08:29

Self-service BI catches on

The Great Recession caught most of the used-car industry by surprise. Many dealers assumed that the downturn would be short and mild, so they continued to add inventory at a steady rate. As a result, many used-car inventory-financing firms didn't make adjustments until it was too late.

Written by Elisabeth Horwitt25 Jan. 11 03:52

The state of BI tools

Self-service tools are becoming a must-have for successful BI vendors.

Written by Elisabeth Horwitt13 Dec. 10 22:31

How to negotiate better enterprise software deals

Tough economic times, and the availability of more software licensing models than ever before, have combined to shift more negotiating power into customers' hands.

Written by Elisabeth Horwitt07 Dec. 10 04:46

Enterprise rights management and keeping data in-house

Several years ago, Flextronics was struggling with a thorny security issue: figuring out how to prevent sensitive and proprietary information from going astray once it was in the hands of authorized users.

Written by Elisabeth Horwitt27 April 10 04:46

Cloud security: Try these techniques now

For Logiq the decision to go with a cloud-based provider of IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS) was a matter of cost and flexibility.

Written by Elisabeth Horwitt02 Feb. 10 03:59