Stories by Bridget Gray

Opinion: Innovate from the inside

Successful organisations do two things well. Firstly, they innovate externally by, for instance, producing better products than their competitors. Secondly and just as importantly, they innovate inside their businesses.

Written by Bridget Gray28 April 13 20:19

Getting back to the coalface

It’s a truism of promotion and advancement: The further up the corporate ladder you go, the less you have a view of what’s at the foot of it.

Written by Bridget Gray31 Aug. 12 11:32

Eight characteristics of innovative CIOs

Innovation, it seems, is a rather difficult term to pin down. Few CIOs or IT leaders would admit to not being innovative, and yet ask them to define exactly what it means and you will get a wide variety of responses.

Written by Bridget Gray19 June 12 13:29